Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Furry Sister is in Big Trouble!

Okay, so I was posting a nice little blog about Zoey yesterday...look what she did while I was typing away...

Yep, she got into the garbage can in the bathroom..ripped everything out...pulled other things including shoes from the hallway!  Having a puppy is just like have a toddler!!!  I cannot leave her out of my sight for one minute.  And, for heaven sakes, everyone must remember to shut the bathroom doors!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Oh What a Face!

This is our newest baby in the family.  We got her when she was 8 weeks old!  However, we got to see her when she was just a few days old and saw her numerous times until we got to bring her home! Let me introduce Zoey our beautiful Brindle Boxer!

Zoey 10 days old

Zoey 10 days old

Me and Zoey (3 weeks old)

Zoey at 6 weeks old

Zoey at 8 weeks old

Zoey as of October 31, 2010 (let's see...almost 4 months old)

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Rainbow?!

Seriously...we had the most beautiful rainbow ever last night!  It was so vibrant.  You could see one end to the other...absolutely amazing!

Carving the Pumpkins!

Daddy and Fluffy had a fabulous time carving pumpkins...Cinnamon just wanted to see the end results!

Here are the lovely, puking pumpkins!

Happy Halloween!

Fluffy and Cinnamon in their debut as a "bat princess" and a "vampire princess"...

The girls with their nephew "Buddy"...

The girls with Grandma/Grandpa M...

Halloween Tree

Here is my Halloween tree for 2010...

Friday, October 29, 2010

Fluffy Making Crafties!

When I was decorating my 4th-of-July tree, Fluffy started gathering things around the house and created her own work of art!  She was so proud of herself...she said, "Look mommy, I can make crafties too!" 

My Family Tree

I painted this on our front room wall (visiting/home teachers room for those of you who are LDS).  I mostly used a stencil and some acrylic paint.  I then hung pictures of our family on the wall...I used baby pictures mostly!  I will continue to add pictures as our family not more babies of my own, but in-laws and grandbabies!

Castle Wall

I love to dabble in paint!  I painted Cinnamon's room to represent a castle wall.  Some of it is freehand, used some stencils, and lots of TIME and acrylic paints!

Fourth of July Tree

I love to decorate for the holidays!  I have a "holiday tree" that I decorate and re-decorate for most of the holidays...  I must say at times it does get to be a bit much while juggling all the things of mommyhood...but the girls love it!

I Love Bling!

So...I love to make jewelry...I LOVE to work with beads, stamp metal, etc...

Stamped washer with some bling!

I make beaded bookmarks A LOT!  They are a fun way to play with beads!  Yep, I also like to create sayings, thoughts, etc... so I decided I would do both together.  I have created these bookmarks with this saying for friends birthdays or just because....

My stab at a "poetic" saying...Hey, it works, right?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Adventures with Fluffy

Today, I was thinking about my Fluffy and all the wildness, excitement, happiness, and frustration she has brought our family.  Of course, I started this thought process after she pulled another Fluffy stunt!

We took Fluffy and Cinnamon on the train to SLC today.  The girls think it is the coolest thing ever to ride the FrontRunner and then TRAX.  We had a great time together touring around Temple Square.

Then it was time to go home...

As we were sitting on the FrontRunner waiting to head back, My Love decided to use the bathroom before the train left the station.  He was gone a little while...not that long really...but to Fluffy it seemed like FOREVER!  Of course, she forgets that it takes time to wash your hands after you go potty because she HATES that part and avoids it if at all possible...

Anyway, as My Love comes walking back to his seat, Fluffy says VERY LOUDLY, "Daddy, you were gone a very long time!  He just smiled and started to turn red because everyone around started to laugh.  And then Fluffy says, "Did you have to go poop?  Is that what took you so long?"  Then the laughter really started... Poor guy was bright red...but he did tell her LOUDLY, "Nope, I didn't poop...just had to wash my hands really good!"

There really is never a dull moment when Fluffy is around...

Last year, Fluffy stuck a rock up her nose and had to have it removed at the ER. We tried everything to get it out...even pepper under the nose to make her sneeze. Ironically, two days before that incident, while Grandma and Grandpa M were babysitting the kids and playing with them at McDonald's, Fluffy started to cry and told them something was up her nose...they couldn't see anything and she finally let it drop. We told the ER doc about it and he said he couldn't see anything more than the rock. So, we went home.

A couple of weeks later, Fluffy really started to stink and her nose was getting really yucky and runny. I told My Love that I thought there still must be something up in her sinuses that was starting to rot! Needless to say, I got her in to the pediatrician and told her that even though we had her on antibiotics (because her nose was infected from the rock incident...or so we thought), she was not improving and she was smelling not so nice. The doc looked up her nose and said she thought she saw something. She grabbed some LONG tweezers and pulled out this big piece of was part of the plastic wrapper from Fluffy's McDonald's toy! Poor kid had that up there for a couple of months! I think that she has learned her lesson...hopefully!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ready to Kick Some Booty!

So, My Love and I came home from puppy training class last night...wait a minute...let me back up and tell you what we told the children before we left...make sure the house looks the same as it does now!  We told Grandpa D to make sure that the kids behaved themselves, and that they were not to mess up...I had spent all day cleaning their rooms!  I need to mention here that, Grandpa D brought our grandson, "Buddy" over to hang with his aunts...They love to play together...Or should I say wreak havoc together?

Anyway, we came home and were told by Grandpa D that the kids didn't even go up to their bedrooms. Wheww!  That was a relief...or so I thought...We told Grandpa and Buddy goodnight and proceeded to get the girls ready for bed.  I told My Love that I was going downstairs to make sure all the lights were turned off... Of course, there were toys in the hall by the play room, as I started to gather them up, and put them back I saw a VERY ugly sight!  There was black writing all over the walls!  I couldn't believe my eyes...what had happened?  I was fuming!  I went stomping up stairs and immediately asked Fluffy what had happened.  She blamed it all on Buddy! 

Long story short, I didn't believe Fluffy...I knew that it was both of them...Cinnamon had an aliby...she had been sitting with Grandpa D the whole time watching television while the two, little, havoc wreakers, created massive destruction!  The amazing thing...they didn't use pens, pencils, markers, crayons or any other writing utensil...they used this rubber thingy...that I still don't know where it came from or for what it is used!  They just scraped it all over the walls, and lo and behold it worked... they had something to write with!

I guess I should add here, the play area is under the stairs.  We call it our "Harry Potter Cupboard".  So even though it looks like grafiti heaven in there, at least you can't see it in plain sight.  I took some cleaner, a cloth and started scrubbing the walls last night.  Some came off, but I think we will still have to paint!   

Yep, I still love my Fluffy and Buddy...just didn't like them too much last night!

The "rubber thingy" used to create their masterpiece!

 The "Harry Potter Cupboard"...

Some of the remaining markings after A LOT of scrubbing!!!


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